We closed doors and windows,

we put on our warm clothes

and we are preparing the recipies for the next year!

We are welcoming you again next summer in our beautiful village!

Enjoy the winter!

Our tavern

Pardalo Katsiki is located in the main highland village of lefkada, Karya. The village was build on the verdant slopes of the mountain, in the center of the island renowned for its excellent climate and inherent natural beauty. The tavern is accomodated by an old stone bulding in the heart of the village, next to a huge plane tree square. Pardalo Katsiki is open every day, ready to welcome you with his funky recipies, nice coffee and serve you by smiley people.

Our food

Based on our tradition and passion, we create recipes that have lasted in time and become part of us. Goat cooked for 5 hours in the oven with thyme and rosemary, rooster in the pot with bucatini pasta and real fresh traditional moussaka in the clay are some of our dishes. Our raw materials including virgin olive oil and our garden aromatic herbs are some of the basic ingredients we need in order to offer you homemade traditional food.