We closed doors and windows,

we put on our warm clothes

and we are preparing the recipies for the next year!

We are welcoming you again next summer in our beautiful village!

Enjoy the winter!

Our village Karya

Narrow cobbled streets, which go in different directions and dissapear between the numerous traditional built houses. Historical small churches, windmills are some of the sightseeings a visitor can see in the old town of Lekfas, Karya. In its center, the main square with the old plain trees and the natural source of water next to it create emotions that are difficult to forget.

Embroideries of Karya

Karya is also famous for the wonderful needlework. The product of the one of a kind knitting technique of Karya that was invented by an extraordinary woman namely Maria Stavraka also knwon as Koutsohero. Although she had both hands partialy disabled, she managed to prove that the internal strengh and the love for ones work can overcome all disabilities.

Lentils of Eglouvi

The lentils are grown on the plateau of Agios Donatos, west of Egklouvi, the most mountainous village of the island. There are findings such as pieces of prehistoric tools, mostly made of flint, which were used until the last century to thresh the lentils that indicate that this pulse has been cultivated on the plateau for centuries. On the 6th of August, on the celebration day of the Transfiguration of Jesus and on the eve of the celebration of Agios Donatos, the Feast of Lentils takes place on the homonymous plateau.

Lathyrus of Karya

Lathyria is a legume that is cultivated at the prairie of Karya that is located at the center of the island. Without the use of pesticides and fertilisers makes lathyria a perfectly biological product. Each year a part of the production is kept to be used as seeds for the next year. The seeding is done in May and the beans are ready to be harvested after about 70 days, roughly by mid July. Lathyria are washed and processed by a special machine that cracks them into small pieces. Then they are sieved until their skin is completely removed.