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About us

You will find us in the heart of mountainous Lefkas, in the central square of Karya, where old growth plane trees offer their calm and their shade. A warm and welcoming place that offers not only delicious traditional dishes but also authentic Greek hospitality.




Inspired by nature, its products, the fresh herbs and spices, we serve traditional recipes from our home town, Lefkas.

Recipes that have withstood time and identified with our country and our habits.

Our restaurant addresses people who seek authentic local flavors. You will find us in the heart of Lefkas island at Karya village. Our kitchen is based on two secrets: simplicity and quality . We mainly use products from the land of Lefkas.

Goat with potatoes, rooster spaghetti, traditional moussaka, stuffed pepperes and tomatoes, sofrito are only a few of our main courses that we recommend. Homemade humus made with traditional lathyria of Karya, fresh salads with lentils, delicious appetizers cooked with local olive oil and a big range of wines for you to choose will accompany your meal...